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I've been at university since September and moved out for the first time in my life since July.

I've made several projects and been in 5 films since uni has started.

My films are here…………

I've been in other student films as well but thats another story.

Life has been a whirlwind of meeting new people everyday, doing something different everyday, working everyday, feeling and being emotional everyday, living life everyday.

Dont know when I will post art besides university work so much till then.

Just thought some peeps would like to know that still support me. I love you all very much and miss your art and cyberspace voices everyday but I dont forget you.

Maybe I'll get into the swing of blogs and posting once all my hand ins for uni are complete.

Till then hope all is well and you take care.
  • Watching: The Golden girls
  • Eating: Cheesecake yogurt how appropiate!
  • Drinking: Tea
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December 5, 2012


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